Fan Of The Month

JUNE 2024
Salvador Cantu

1.  When did you first become a fan of Dashboard Confessional?
Probably around the year 2000... and I haven't stopped listening since

2.  How has Dashboard Confessional affected your life?
It has made me feel proud of being able to feel deeply, to say what I really think, express how I really feel. It has made me closer to my friends. And it's something I share with my girl.

3.  If you have attended a Dashboard Confessional concert - what was it like for you?
I have attended several concerts, even a little meet and greet a couple of years ago and I already have my tickets for the meet and greet in Dallas in October.
They all have been different, but in all of them I have laughed, cried, felt excited, forgot about the world and came out being totally happy.

4.  Any suggestions for what we can do/set up for Saints & Sailors Fan Club?
Maybe being able to be there while they're warming up for a concert. A chance for a quick personal video message, like the ones Chris does on Cameo (I have one of those too).

5.  If you could give Dashboard Confessional a message - what would it be? 
Thank you for all your music, your art, your posts, and how amazing you are. I'm really glad that you're doing ok after your motorcycle accident. You have been a big part of my life for over 20 years and I hope I can continue listening to you and going to your concerts for another 20 years...
God bless you!!!