Fan Of The Month - July 2023


1. When did you first become a fan of Dashboard Confessional?  I first became a fan of Dashboard when I was 16 years old when I first returned home from the hospital due to a car accident which resulted in a lengthy comatose and multiple years of intense therapy for my whole body as well.

2. How has Dashboard Confessional affected your life? Dashboard Confessional directly caused me to take a very interspective look into my life and the people who were in it; whether they were being real and honest with me or if it was all a convenient facade stemming from hidden motives. Dashboard Confessional and Chris's lyrics have helped inspire clarity to many things. His lyrics have also given me countless lines or fodder to use when I meet new women too. I love it all!!

3. If you have attended a Dashboard Confessional concert - what was it like for you? I've attended 3 Dashboard shows thus far and every single one of them was intensely awesome. Such an incredible experience.

4. Any suggestions for what we can do/set up for Saints & Sailors Fan Club? I'm not sure of any other suggestions I have now, but I will keep that in mind and I will certainly get back to you if I think of any.

5. If you could give Dashboard Confessional a message - what would it be? Other than the obvious message of rock on Dashboard! The only message I can think of at current time would be to keep pumping out albums and releasing excellent music.

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