Fan Of The Month - April


1.  When did you first become a fan of Dashboard Confessional?
I first became a fan of Dashboard Confessional when the MTV Unplugged album was still new. I worked at Best Buy when it came out. This was back when they had a large CD department. There were some TV’s at our store above the CD area that played clips of things that were popular at that time and it included footage from that Unplugged performance. That was my initial introduction. Then A Mark, A Mission, A Brand, A Scar was released and I was all in from there.

2.  How has Dashboard Confessional affected your life?
Dashboard has just been one of those bands that has always been there. I have countless great memories that Dashboard has been the soundtrack for. What really sticks out for me though is that Dashboard is the band my wife (Leigh) and I bonded over the most when we first met in 2015. Dashboard was also the first concert we went to together that summer when they toured with Third Eye Blind. While we do have some artists/bands we’re both fans of, we generally have pretty different taste in music. But Dashboard is one band that we both just wholeheartedly love. Leigh and I, along with our best friend Amanda, have gone together to see Chris and the band every time they have toured in or around Detroit since 2015, with the exception of one tour. All three of us will always do what we can to see them when they’re in town.

3.  If you have attended a Dashboard Confessional concert - what was it like for you?
I (and we) have seen Dashboard numerous times over the years. My first time being back in 2005. Whenever we see them, it’s always the best energy. We’re always so excited to see them again. From the passion Chris puts into his music and performance, to screaming along with the lyrics, it makes for an amazing experience every single time. Definitely one of our all-time favorite bands to see live.

4.  Any suggestions for what we can do/set up for Saints & Sailors Fan Club?
It would be great to have opportunities or upgrades for meet and greets at concerts, or side stage tickets.

5.  If you could give Dashboard Confessional a message - what would it be? 
Just, thank you! Thank you for being a constant for over two decades. For writing amazing songs with amazing lyrics that never get old and never get boring. Thank you for always coming to town and creating opportunity to make memories at your concerts. Thank you for Vindicated, it’s one of my absolute favorite songs ever written.

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