Fan Of The Month - September 2023




1. When did you first become a fan of Dashboard Confessional? I picked up The Places You Have Come to Fear the Most at the record store March 23, 2001. Picked it up with Something Corporates Audioboxer but Places changed my brain chemistry. I was hooked and an instant fan.

2. How has Dashboard Confessional affected your life? They made me want to pick up a guitar, which I did, and become a songwriter. I failed at the latter but I’d like to think I’m decent at guitar. I’m not gonna lie probably borderline obsessed with Chris. Definitely was the emo kid in high school and still am.

3. If you have attended a Dashboard Confessional concert - what was it like for you? Life changing. My very first concert was DC with the Get Up Kids. Going to shows, especially Dashboard, are cathartic. Everyone singing along and vining together, can’t be beat.

4. Any suggestions for what we can do/set up for Saints & Sailors Fan Club? I feel that what has already been done is so great. I’m always a fan of seeing videos and hearing songs, especially unreleased. With the wave of streaming music, I’d love to get more songs on those platforms for everyone to hear!

5. If you could give Dashboard Confessional a message - what would it be? Thank you so much for sharing a piece of your life, even difficult or personal issues, with all of us over the years. Your music means the world to so many people, including me.

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