1.  When did you first become a fan of Dashboard Confessional? Yeah, it was the early 2000's, I'm sure I was moody as ever, and hearing Dashboard for the first time hit my core, like yes!!! They get it. Being young is hard!
2.  How has Dashboard Confessional affected your life? Sooo, after I heard my 1st DC song, I was on a mission to see them live, which happened in Oct 2006 when they came to AZ, then I went to the show in MSG on Dec 8th , 2006, which was also my bday!!!
Then in 2008, I went to the Rock Band Live Tour and attended in Nebraska. This was an organized trip where I was meeting up in the middle of America with several other DC fans. And, this trip went awry...
      1. Was stuck in the Denver airport with 2 of the other girls on this trip (I'd never met before) and spent 12 hours at the airport when our flight was canceled to Lincoln, NE. We made the most of our time and rode the train about 20 times and turned some weirdos into security who were watching planes with binocoulars.
      2. Finally made it to Lincoln, NE at like midnight.
      3. Our Luggage was gone!!! I had nothing, no clothes, no nothing but my backpack and clothes on my back.
      4. My checkbook was stolen from the Hotel Maid.... :( Who cashed a check for $800! (The police were notified and the maid was prosecuted)
      5. At the show, the next day, I was upfront but crushed on the gate. I 'm little, 5'1. So, security lifted me over and I had to sit in the seats on the side.
      6. I was pissed.
      7. After the show Chris Carrabba came to our group to meet us. I was completely over it. I was mad and just wanted to go home.
      8. Chris must have felt something was amiss with me. Chris reached out a handshake to me like to bridge my misery. He had zero idea the 100% hell I went through but in some sixth sense he knew I needed an olive branch in that moment. Ever since this interaction I have been a SUPER FAN.

3.  If you have attended a Dashboard Confessional concert - what was it like for you? It was community, it was like campfire stories, a warm comfort of emotion and love. I've attended a lot, all over the country. I flown, driven, gone the distance.

4.  Any suggestions for what we can do/set up for Saints & Sailors Fan Club?
For context...I've been looped into acting classes recently. I'm in classes with Chuck Williams, who has been on all sides of the spectrum from actor, to writer, to director/producer, since the 70's! If you ever have the chance, go to his class, he markets himself to the nth degree. It's been really great getting notes from him. So, what if Chris did a master class on song writing? What I mean by that is, what if a select people talk about song ideas, or lyrics, or music they are doing. It is a precious thing being able to get insight from somebody who not only has done it for as long as Chris, but has been successful over several decades. Imagine getting the chance to run your lyrics by one of the kings of the Emo genre? Just an idea!
Merch just for us going the extra mile? Idk I realize it's business, I'm an accountant after all. So, I understand, but I feel like being in a fan club, an exclusive one at that, we should have specific merch we can show off! It is super cool being out and hearing "Oh cool, where did you get that shirt???". Advertising baby!

5.  If you could give Dashboard Confessional a message - what would it be? Come to TUCSON, AZ! My daughter and I went to a Mayday Parade recently, and the lead singer mentioned in the middle of their set that Tucson is very underrated. He mentioned how welcoming our city was to them, how nice the people were, and how amazed at how packed the show got. I feel like DC would pack the house here and bring a show for the ages. Do they need a guide when they are here? We got them! We will host, cook them food, and show them the spirit that is Tucson, and Southern Arizona. It's like a family here, and I think they would love it (not even going to mention the out-of-this-world food they would enjoy).

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