Fan of The Month - January 2024


Dashboard Confessional was introduced to me by my childhood best friend. We would listen to DC while hanging out, just enjoying the care-free life that you get to enjoy in your early teens. When we got our licenses, we would drive around blasting it, scream singing our emo hearts out. Still today I do this same thing. It was never phase, and I’ll never be anything but a Dashboard Professional emo girl, even at my ripe-old age of 35. I’ve been them perform live three times- in 2016 in Iowa with All-American Rejects, and then twice in 2022- one in Raleigh, NC with Jimmy Eat World and the second time in Charlotte, NC with Andrew McMahon. It is my dream that one day we get to do an actual meet and greet since the ticket I had for the summer of 2021 was canceled. Chris and his band has been a consistent source of strength and hope for me, from the age of 13, until forever, my favorite band.

Thank you for your time, and thank you to DC for always being amazing! 


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